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Employment at New Hope

We are seeking applicants for our 2021 summer staff. You know, the Summer 2019 & 2020 staff was super fantastic. They will be hard to beat, BUT...If you love working with children...If you have a passion to see kids grow in their faith...If God is calling you to minister to young people...Then summer camp just may be the calling for you. You might be a part of the next great thing God is doing at New Hope! Please follow the link below for a printable application form. 

Summer Staff Positions

Cabin Counselor: (College age young adults)

Counselors are responsible for helping with program events, including such things as chapel, Bible studies, campfire, skits, swim time and all-camp activities. You will be in a cabin of 8-10 youth with an assistant counselor. Counselors are also responsible for teaching and living out a life of love and service to the campers in your group. Click HERE for more information and an application form.


Assistant Counselor: (High School age young adults)

Assistant Counselors are expected to be good role models by being appropriate in all things, at all times, and following ALL camp rules. Assistant Counselors help and encourage the Counselor in all the duties they have with their cabin group. You carry the same duties as the Counselor, but they bear the responsibility. Click HERE for more information and an application form.


Support Staff: (College or High School age)

Support Staff are fully involved with the life and ministry of New Hope. They get to play with the campers but are not directly responsible for a cabin group. Their primary responsibilities will be to assist in planning and leading several program elements, such as all-camp activities and craft time. Support staff will also lend a hand in the kitchen when needed. They also supervise during swim time, so anyone with Lifeguard experience is welcome, though not required. All staff are expected to stay at camp and be involved in the lives of the campers and the programming each evening. Click HERE for more information and an application form.



The Intern position will assist in the development and implementation of the summer program. He/she will work closely with the camp Director. The intern will arrive one week earlier than the summer staff on Sunday, May 30. Outdoor ministry experience is desired but not a requirement. Click HERE for more information and an application form.


Please follow the link below for more details about summer employment, the ministry of New Hope, and an application form: